M Miliarakis Red

M Miliarakis Red

Α red aged wine with composite flavours or red fruit and new oak barrel.
Velvet body rich in tannins and extraordinary aftertaste

Since 1999, our establishment has cultivated a privately owned vineyard of 15 square km,within the area of Appellation d’ Origine at the area of “Kolomodi” aiming for an authentic and high class Cretan red wine.

With a yield of 700 kilos of grapes per square km, Kotsifali
and Mandilari have developed all their aromatic and flavor capacity.

After having proceeded with the classic red method of wine making,
the wine has get matured in new French oak barrels of 300 liters from
Nevers, achieving a complete and multidimensional result.

kotsifali 80%
mandilari 20%
5 years
PDO Peza
fillets, hunting, rich sauces and creamy cheeses
Alc. 12,8ο