Combined with Mandilari, it is the basic raw material for red Cretan wines. Kotsifali has a characteristic dynamic bouquet and a powerful alcoholic title. It is combined with Mandilari because it lacks tannin and pigments, which Mandilari is rich in. Furthermore, it has now become traditional in Crete to combine Kotsifali with Syrah, producing a well-balanced, velvety result. This particular variety has been used for white wine on the island (Blanc de Noirs), with excellent results and its main feature is its bouquet. Mainly experimentally, and, recently, as a final product, single variety Kotsifali wines can be found on the market, and are well worth searching for. The ageing time of a wine based on a Kotsifali and Mandilari or Syrah combination is usually 5 years.

It produces a round medium sized berry on a relatively small bunch, the main characteristic of which is a second smaller bunch.