Minos Palace Λευκό

Minos Palace White

The Winery’s most recognizable label continues a course of more than 25 years in a market with increasing demands.

A landmark in the development of Cretan wine.

From the white grape variety of Vilana. It has a light yellow colour, the taste of fruits, a delicate and refreshing flavour and aromatic aftertastes.

The grapes are cultivated in privately owned and contracted vineyards all within the zone of A.O. PEZA and yield approximately 1.200 – 1.500 kilograms per 1.000 m2.

After the clarification, the must is fermented at a stable temperature of 18oC in 25-tons-tanks.

vilana 100%
drink it young
PGI Crete
grilled fishes, poultry, BBQ, pasta, refreshing salads